Sebastian Avery Morris

I am a senior in the Religion Department at Temple University, and the sacristan at St Clement's Episcopal Church, an historic Anglo-Catholic parish in Philadelphia.
I am a Christian Socialist and Monarchist, with strong Distributist and Neo-Luddite tendencies. I live in South Philadelphia with my fiancé (wedding in November) Xopher, who is a graphic artist, and our cat Astro. I'm always happy to discuss religion, progressive politics, or LGBTQ issues.

i n t o  t h e  w o o d s: first look

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This guys. Yes. This right here. The little shit statements such as these still matter a whole damn lot.

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The silver dupioni silk for the grooms’ waistcoats and the flower-girl’s dress arrived today. The silver lace should be here any day. Almost time to start sewing.

My newest book aquisition: a copy of the Vulgate published in Paris in 1868, leather bound and in excellent condition. 


Solemn High Mass at S. Swithun’s, Compton Beauchamp

My Rector, who is simplifying his belongings as he prepares to retire, recently gifted me a lovely Della Robbia style plaque depicting St Sebastian. The plaque, which stands about 18” tall, has an especially interesting provenance. It was given to Fr. Reid many years ago by his close friend Canon Colin Stephenson, author of Merrily on High and Walsingham Way, as well as successor to Fr. Alfred Hope Patten as administrator of the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham. Canon Stephenson was himself given the plaque by the prominant Anglo-Catholic layman Samuel Gurney. Gurney was for many years a director of the Medici Society and with Fr. (later Monsignor) Ronald Knox, one of the founders of the Society of SS Peter and Paul, publishers of the Anglican Missal among other Ritualist and Anglo-Papalist projects. Gurney, mentioned above in the poem by John Betjeman, despite his love and dedication for the Holy See, never (unlike his friend Knox) “poped” and died at the age of 83, July 6th 1968, a member of the Church of England.

The face of our save-the-date post-card designed by my talented husband to be, Christopher. The scan doesn’t do it justice, the grey border and the glasses lenses are metallic silver, whilst the black and red are much more intense in the original.  


The Fourteen Holy Helpers



MASTER of Saint Veronica
The Man of Sorrow with the Virgin and St Catherine
Panel, 41 x 24 cm
Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp

Excuse me but 70s and 80s kids get it as well. We all suffer from an environment where incomes have been stagnant since the late 70s, and a massive workforce of baby boomers won’t move out of the way. Now as the boomers are finally retiring the X generation is left with a world of record unemployment, with several generations of younger workers bringing up the rear; younger workers who are able to work for lower wages and are in many cases better equipped to embrace new technologies.

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