Sebastian Avery Morris

I am a senior in the Religion Department at Temple University, and the sacristan at St Clement's Episcopal Church, an historic Anglo-Catholic parish in Philadelphia.
I am a Christian Socialist and Monarchist, with strong Distributist and Neo-Luddite tendencies. I live in South Philadelphia with my fiancé (wedding in November) Xopher, who is a graphic artist, and our cat Astro. I'm always happy to discuss religion, progressive politics, or LGBTQ issues.

Religious views:


Less nonsense.

More incense. 


That’s Not Where Nigeria Is, CNN

It is appalling that a supposedly credible news source would make such an ignorant mistake.

(Source: The Huffington Post)


Elizabeth Warren has some choice words for companies that move their headquarters overseas to dodge taxes. (Graphic via AFSCME)

TAKE ACTION: Tell Burger King that if they pull this trick, you’ll take your business elsewhere —>


Crumbling Freedom: Cake Artist Sent to ‘Reeducation’ 

Imagine being ordered to go against your religious beliefs, and if you refuse, you could be arrested, fined, or sued. That happened to the Christian owner Jack Phillips, of a Colorado bakery who now must make wedding cakes for gay couples.

Watch this video. Another alarming case of gay rights infringing on religious freedom.

This is simply nonsense. No one is being asked or forced to go against his or her religious beliefs. In a pluralistic society the overriding social contract dictates that those in business do not discriminate against customers. This is the price paid for being allowed to conduct business and the protections guaranteed a business by society. If a potential customer can afford a product or service that is openly marketed then the social contract requires that it be made available to them. Service cannot be refused to blacks, to Asians, to redheads, to Roman Catholics, to Jews, to those with brown eyes, to the elderly, to those with disabilities, or to persons who happen to be gay. It is not a matter of religious freedom, it is a matter of fair and equitable business practices.



On 9th August 2014, unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, sparking social unrest that continues to this day. Here is a petition to prevent police misconduct.

My parents never taught me to trust police. I’ve always known that police bring more harm than good.

Growing up in the late ’60s and early ’70s as a middle class white child in the exurbs, I was taught at school that the policeman and the solider were our friends. Watching television coverage of 1968 Democratic Convention, various civil rights protests, Kent State, and the war in Vietnam, even a young child could see that was not always true. Later as a teenager discovering my homosexuality my doubts about the police were confirmed. Since then nothing has led me to change my opinion.
My African-American partner was warned from childhood about how to behave when encountering the police. As Xopher says, “Black and Blue don’t mix”, well, neither do Blue and brown, Blue and lavender, or Blue and a host of other colors/races/designations. In America, Blue has only ever served one master - the White Elite.

On August 26th in 1819 was in born Albert, son of Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and Louise of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, shown here with her children, Albert (on the left) and Albert’s elder brother Ernest.

On February 10th, 1840 Albert married Victoria, Queen of The United Kingdom & Ireland. Seventeen years later HRH Prince Albert was confirmed as Prince Consort on June 25th 1857.

Audrey Hepburn photographed by Howell Conant at a Givenchy dress fitting in Rome, 1959.

Boomerang (8/9) Movie CLIP - Strangé It Stinks So Good! (1992) HD

Happy Birthday to Xopher, my soon to be legally husband, who is in his own special way - Strangé! 


A few more from the Chapel of St John the Evangelist at St Clement’s, Philadelphia.