Sebastian Avery Morris

I am a senior in the Religion Department at Temple University, and the sacristan at St Clement's Episcopal Church, an historic Anglo-Catholic parish in Philadelphia.
I am a Christian Socialist and Monarchist, with strong Distributist and Neo-Luddite tendencies. I live in South Philadelphia with my fiancé (wedding in November) Xopher, who is a graphic artist, and our cat Astro. I'm always happy to discuss religion, progressive politics, or LGBTQ issues.

Recipe from St George Episcopal Church, New Orleans.

Simnel Cake, an English Tradition for Laetare Sunday, i.e. Mothering Sunday. 

There are numerous other recipes available online, all with roughly the same ingredients; a light fruit cake with a layer of almond paste in the centre and on top, decorated with 11 almond paste balls representing the Apostles minus Judas. It sounds fairly simple, why not try one for your church’s coffee hour on Laetare Sunday, March 30th this year, I plan to.